Share XBMC Library via UPnP – AppleTV 1G with OpenELEC

Share XBMC Library via UPnP – AppleTV 1G with OpenELEC

[nextpage title=”Setup SaMBa”]We’ve converted our AppleTV 1g into a very capable Media Center Device to centrally manage and store our entire media library.  Now we are going to configure a few things to make the device share our XBMC library with all of our other devices in the house.

The first thing we want to do is go into the OpenELEC specific settings:

OpenELEC Settings

I am a little bit obsessive about version-control so I’m going to set the software updates to manual:

OpenELEC Manual Update

Now we’ll set the hostname for our device:

AppleTV OpenELEC Hostname

And enable the SaMBa for easy file management and ssh services to start at boot:

AppleTV OpenELEC Services

[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Configure Services”]Now back to SYSTEM and then Settings and Services:

AppleTV XBMC Services

Enable UPnP:


Enable Webserver for web-based management and control:

AppleTV XBMC Webserver

[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Setup Airplay”]And finally enable AirPlay for our AirPlay enabled devices:

AppleTV XBMC AirPlay

Now our OpenELEC/XBMC powered 1st Generation AppleTV is storing and sharing all of our content with the network. Time to install XBMC on an iPad/iPod/iPhone and connect it to our UPnP-enabled Media Library.


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