Connect XBMC iPad/iPod/iPhone to our XBMC Media Center Server

Connect XBMC iPad/iPod/iPhone to our XBMC Media Center Server

[nextpage title=”Add Videos”]We’ve converted our old 1st Generation Apple TV to be an OpenELEC-powered XBMC media centerconfigured our AppleTV to share our Library through UPnP and installed XBMC on our iPad, iPod and iPhone.  Now we are going to add the shared library to the XBMC app on each iOS device.

Fire up the XBMC app on our iOS device and click on videos.  There is nothing in our video library yet, so we’ll click Add Videos…

iOS XBMC Add Videos

The next screen is our video-source browser:

iOS XBMC Browse Source

So we’ll click browse:

iOS XBMC Browse Source

[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Browse PnP”]And click on UPnP Devices:

iOS XBMC UPnP Device

Select our XBMC Media Center UPnP Shared device:

iOS XBMC UPnP Shares

And select the Video Library and then OK on this screen.

iOS XBMC Shared Video Library

[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Add Shared Library”]You should see the path to the UPnP Share and the name for the Media Source.  Click OK and you are done.

iOS XBMC UPnP Share Added

Now our AppleTV/XBMC UPnP source has been added:

iOS XBMC UPnP Source

Do the same for our music and select the Music Library when browsing our UPnP Device.  Now when we click on videos in our iOS XBMC app we will be browsing our central media library hosted on our 1st Gen AppleTV OpenELEC XBMC Media Center Server and we can play our entire library from any device.

iOS XBMC Shared Media Library

Time to finish the time-consuming process of converting our DVD and BluRay collection to digital and be done with physical media.


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