How to setup VirtualBox on Mac OS for Ubuntu Server

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How to setup VirtualBox on Mac OS for Ubuntu Server

Today we are going to setup a new Virtual Machine to run Ubuntu Server LTS in Mac OS using Oracle’s VirtualBox, ( virtualization software.

Begin by clicking on Machine>New…

Enter the name for your new VM and select the Type and Version that you will be installing. Click continue.


Select the amount of RAM your machine will need.  I’m allocating 1GB for this device. Click continue.

We are creating a new Virtual Disk to use with this machine. Click continue.


Next, select the type for the disk image. We won’t be using this machine with any other virtualization software, so the VDI format will be fine. Click continue.


Choose whether or not you would like a dynamic or fixed size disk image and continue.


Next choose the size for your disk image.  For this tutorial we are using an 8GB image. Click create and you are done creating your Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine.  Time to configure a couple of more things before installation.


Before staring up the virtual machine, click on storage.  Then click on the CD drive icon labeled “Empty” in the left pane and then the CD icon in the attributes area in the right pane. A menu will appear asking you to “Choose a virtual CD/DVD…” or use your “Host Dirve”, (your physical CDROM drive).  I will be selecting “Choose a virtual CD”.  Another window appears to browse for your CD image. I select my Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server ISO and click OK.


The storage pane after selecting my Ubuntu Server CD Image. Notice the information area where the type, size and location are now displayed.


For this device, I want it to appear on the physical LAN as a stand-alone machine.  Clicking on the Network tab and then changing the Attached To attribute from NAT to Bridged Adapter ensures that the machine will connect to the network and get an IP address form my DHCP server.  Click Okay.


That’s it, Virtualbox is setup to run our new Ubuntu server in this VM.  Power the device on by clicking Start and then continue to the installation of an Ubuntu Server Virtual Machine.

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