VIDEO – How To Setup MAMP Pro And Install WordPress On Mac OS-X Yosemite

VIDEO – How To Setup MAMP Pro And Install WordPress On Mac OS-X Yosemite

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Today we are going to setup MAMP Pro to use the default http/https/MySQL ports, (80, 443 and 3306), and install WordPress in our development environment on our MAC OS-X Yosemite machine.

Start by launching MAMP Pro:


Click on “Set ports to 80, 443 and 3306”


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Confirm that your PHP version is the latest, (5.6.2 at the time of this article).


Set document root, (we are using ~/Sites/wordpress for this tutorial). This should be where you have extracted the wordpress files.


[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Setup Database”]Save and start the servers. Now go to the “Web Start” page and confirm that everything is working.


Click Tools and then phpMyAdmin to get to the MySQL Administration page and create a new database with the default settings.


[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Install WordPress”]Now browse to http://localhost and begin the WordPress installation.


Enter the database name that you used when creating the new database in phpMyAdmin. Enter root for the username and password. The Database Host should be localhost and you can use a table prefix if you like, (for a single WordPress installation it isn’t necessary).


Run the installation.


[/nextpage][nextpage title=”Wordpress Login”]When the installation completes, click on “Log in” button to access your local Wordpress website.


Now you are in the WordPress dashboard and it’s time to start installing some plugins or creating a theme.



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