Cyclemeter for iOS and LifeProof Case

Cyclemeter for iOS and LifeProof Case

Ready for a ride in beautiful Southern California

I track my rides in the Cyclemeter GPS App with my iPhone in the LifeProof iPhone Case secured to the stem of my bicycle on a LifeProof Bike And Bar Mount. I was originally using this combination with the Jabra Clipper which worked very well and allowed me to use my Klipsch Image S4i earbuds without connecting the plug directly to the silly LifeProof adapter. I’ve recently changed to the Jumbl Bluetooth Adapter which I am very happy with.  Each of these bluetooth adapters allows me to use the excellent Klipsch earbuds for with their air-tight seal and improved audio quality over most other earbuds. I ride a lot, (clocking over 500 miles per week on occasion), and the Cyclemeter GPS App with my iPhone in the LifeProof iPhone Case really make logging my rides easy.


Cyclemeter on iPhone 5 – Multiple bicycles

For me, the primary reason for using the Cyclemeter GPS App over any other is the option to store multiple bicycles and easy select between them. I’m currently riding a Specialized Langster for the road and RockHopper for off-road and simply move my LifeProof Bike And Bar Mount between bikes when heading out for a ride. I like to track my mileage on each bicycle and export the data to spreadsheets for further examination and to build graphs and charts for review. Cyclemeter makes this an easy process.

Reviewing the Cyclemeter ride history/map and the included Twitter, Facebook, Dailymile and email connections make it easy to view and share progress with friends from within the app.. I typically use the share feature simply to store a chronology of my activities for my own review.




Cyclemeter Map Review on iPhone
Cyclemeter Map Review on iPhone

While riding, the Cyclemeter app also includes a screen for iPod control, which I have found to me far more useful while riding that I had thought originally.  In fact, I find myself using the iPod controls within the Cyclemeter app more than the controls on the headphone devices.

Being able to easily backup the Cyclemeter database to iCloud and retrieve it on my iPad for review is another great feature that I use regularly.



Cyclemeter map review on iPad
Cyclemeter map review on iPad
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